Thomas Neave Goodman Director of Esports

My esports directing career started when I had the unique opportunity in being able to create a completely new Esports program for Siena Heights University, the program was the first varsity scholarship program in the State of Michigan. This opportunity allowed me to create the esports arena, including the purchase and design of the computers and room. In the first year we created five teams: an all-Women’s Overwatch team, a second Overwatch team, a Rocket League, Hearthstone and League of Legends teams. In the second year of the program, we had 38 students in the program and competed in the ECAC, Tespa and CSL in seven different games.

With this experience I was able to start another esports program at Finlandia University, a program that focuses on its students and has a focus on the artistic side of the esports industry, the new facility will have 24 high end gaming computers by Bytespeed, a voice over and shout casting booth and a large green screen area for video production. We competed in the ECAC during the fall 2020 season have 7 FIFA players make it to the playoffs and our Valorant team also making the playoffs. In the Spring of 2020, we will be hosting Hancock High School in our facility and some of the athletes on the esports team will be coaching them. The facility also includes a large stage that we will host local High School events including LANs and league events.

Experience at Finlandia University:

  • Created esports space with 24 gaming computers, in the new College of Health Sciences building
  • Establish, plan, organize and manage all phases of the eSports program with a focus on recruiting and retaining 80 quality student-athletes in 12 game titles.

Experience at Siena Heights:

  • Promoted to positions of increasing authority and responsibility due to exemplary performance and strong coaching abilities.
  • Establish, plan, organize and manage all phases of the eSports program with a focus on recruiting and retaining 40 quality student-athletes, creating a top 10 Rocket League team.
  • Assist with all facets of the program launch including building the facilities/practice venue and securing $64,000 in sponsorships.
  • Foster and support student-athlete growth and maturation while providing strict athlete supervision.
  • Design and execute practice and game plans in addition to building strategic season schedules and managing the $120,000 eSports budget.
  • A strong focus on recruiting female athletes, including starting an all-women Overwatch team.

Experience in Gaming:

Since taking a Director role in esports I have not been able to play as many games as I did in the past, it all started in the Nintendo Championships in the mid-90s, after crashing out of the Olympics with a serious injury I had years to recover and play games. I played Counter-Strike with my highest finish of 3rd in the Cyberathlete professional league. I also played Unreal and more recently Overwatch. At SHU I needed to know a little more about LOL and Rocket League so I started to play, and was at awe of the Rocket League team at SHU that boosted me to Master 2 (Thanks Nick, Aaron and Dylan), and I enjoy the Jungle role in League, but I really like TfT.

I am quite often still found playing Hearthstone and when I grind a few weeks get to legend status with agro decks and some control. I have 3 years played time in World of Warcraft and 2.5 years played time in Everquest which got me the chance to be a part of many world firsts and obtain many best of the best awards in EQ. I also got the privilege to play many open Betas.

When I get free time I play Tarkov or one of the games we play with the players on the team, and I am enjoying my 300 games on steam (I have a game hording problem).


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